MAT Intentions Motivational Affirmation Tags
MAT Intentions™ are interchangeable words selected as daily intentions. MAT stands for Motivational Affirmation Tags. They may be placed on any smooth surface such as yoga mats, water bottles, car dashboards, mirrors, etc. to visually inspire and motivate. 

As a yogini and previous yoga instructor, I found importance in setting daily intentions for my yoga practice. Visually having a word as my focal point was a great reminder of what I wanted to bring into my life on and off the mat. These intentions brought me a sense of calm and shifted my life in positive ways. I was drawn to share my product in hopes that others too would benefit from the significance of words and the power of intentions.

The creation of MAT Intentions™ has been a wonderful journey that has taken much time, patience, and love. I hope they bring you all good things in life. 

Sending love and light, 


About MAT Intentions:

  • Fasten onto most flat/smooth surfaces and bendable allowing adhesion onto round surfaces such as candle votives water, bottles, etc.
  • 100% woven for durability and high quality
  • Soft, to prevent injury when used for yoga practice
  • Able to withstand hot yoga temperatures
  • Easy to spot clean with soap and water and dries quickly
  • Tags and packaging are eco friendly: tags are long lasting and reusable, the packaging is a reusable carry along pouch, and the label and insert is made with recycled material. 
  •  Tag edges may vary slightly due to the hand making process