MAT Intentions Motivational Affirmation Tags

MAT Intentions™ may be placed on most any smooth surface. Some examples would be: a laptop, candle votive, mirror, car dashboard, etc...The purpose is to create a positive and motivational atmosphere for yourself which is stimulated visually using inspirational words. 

Each packet contains 5 intentions, 2 fasteners, and a carry along pouch. 

How to use: 

Peel off paper backing from the included Velcro hook fastener(s). Adhere the sticky side onto surface of choice. This piece is to remain permanently secured. Select the intention you’d like to focus on during your practice or throughout the day. Place it on top of the secured fastener. This piece may be changed as desired. 

Note: When interchanging your intentions, please hold down the bottom fastener to prevent it from lifting.